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On our annual reunion trip in mid-May with friends from high school, we spent one day in Zions. Even though the trees were not all leafed out, the colors were beautiful! I am sure by now it would be more spectacular. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to take a hike in this gorgeous national park. You just have to get up close and personal with these red rock mountains to appreciate them. By the way, I did throw one extra shot in the mix, that is not from Zions. We also went to see the Donny & Marie show in Vegas (sidenote: It was so awesome, and Marie is super skinny! ) and one of these photos is from the grounds at the Flamingo Hotel where D&M are playing. Can you tell which one? Oh, and which is your favorite Zion shot?

PHOTO INFO: I did not haul my larger camera on this rigorous hike (haha), so I used my trusty Canon Powershot 710IS. It is a small, but not tiny, point-and-shoot with manual settings. I was able to get rich colors in the sky, etc. by pointing at the sky to meter the light. A few images were consequently a little dark, so I adjusted some of the jpegs in Camera Raw. I love how you can adjust so many things all in one window, with quick sliders: Fill Flash, Clarity, Vibrance, Sats, Temperature, etc. You have to open your jpegs in Adobe Bridge, then hit Cmd-R to open them in Raw. Click to my earlier blog post to learn more about using Photoshop’s Camera Raw window to make quick edits to jpeg images: Here is the link: http://gocaryn.blogspot.com/2010/03/use-camera-raw-to-edit-jpegs.html