I was grading my student’s creative photo projects and I was simple blown away by this cinemagraph by Paul Chris Luke… aka “Chris.” I love the work my students are putting out there. I really love cinemagraphs and have them on my list of projects to master. I think one of the best examples I have ever seen is this one from Chris Luke. You nailed it Chris.. A+ on this one!  The key is getting a great photo to start with and he did just that… incredible lighting, great composition and beautiful, creative idea. Normally, this is a teacher’s job to provide inspiration, but I love it when my students inspire me, and with this advanced Professional Imaging class, it happens often. Thanks, Chris!  You can find more of my students’ work here:  http://comm316.carynesplin.com/blog/ and links to all their websites on the right… in my blog roll.

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