Three Panoramas taken at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

1. Light Painting Panorama – 3 overlapping images, taken at night with a tripod and spotlights; Nikon D600
2. Sunset Panorama– 3 images taken at Sunset, taken with my Nikon D600
3. iPhone 5 Panorama– One continuous panorama taken at sunset with my iPhone 5

A little over a week ago, I was able to spend some a beautiful day in Yellowstone National Park with my Professional Imaging class and we ended up at Mammoth Hot Springs for a beautiful sunset. So we lingered long enough to pull off a few light paintings during blue hour, which is the hour after sunset. I rotated my tripod to capture three adjacent scenes, taking to use big spot lights to “paint in the light” to feature certain portions of the beautiful geothermal formations.

It was fun to combine four things I love, to create this image:
1. Light Painting with good friends
2. Yellowstone National Park
3. Panoramic Image Blending in Photoshop (I added some accent dodging and burning)
4. Comm 316 Professional Imaging Class Excursion


CLICK images to enlarge – Light Painting Panorama – Three overlapping light painting images merged in Photoshop


Three separate, overlapping light painted images – Merged in Photoshop (see blended pano above)

Caryn Esplin - Light Painting - Mammoth Hot Springs - Nikon D600 - Yellowstone - Panoramic - Panorama

Sunset Panorama (three images) taken with my Nikon D600 at sunset

Caryn Esplin - Light Painting - Mammoth Hot Springs - iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Panorama – Panoramic Image taken with my iPhone 5 at sunset

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