Visual Media Course Manual – 4th Edition by Caryn Esplin

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Visual Media Course Manual by Caryn Esplin
Learn to create effective visual media projects to promote your business and personal needs. This real-world approach to graphic design and desktop publishing will teach you to communicate more effectively through visual design, as you unlock the secrets of professional designers. This has been the entry-level college textbook for Visual Communication students who are not experienced artists, yet need to learn the basics for visual design.

This text is complete with basic design principles, rules of typography, project examples and Adobe Creative Suite tutorials to get your started on several design projects. You can use this manual as if you were taking the Visual Media college course because it has project guides and rubric checklists to help you evaluate your own work.

Projects and content include: flier, event ad, logos, business cards, stationery, photography, image editing, montage, brochure, and portfolio.

Author: Caryn Esplin, Visual Communication Professor at Brigham Young University – Idaho.

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