Affordable Camera Gear for the Aspiring Professional

Find links to products below the Top 13 list…

1. Canon T3i DSLR Camera    $620 or $950 w/ 18-135 lens

Advanced features, Quality LCD – Awesome video – Flip screen – Will hold you until you go pro

2. Canon 18-135 IS Lens    $325

Sharp images – Versatile zoom – Rated best all-around lens – Don’t get 18-55 + 55 – 250 – too much changing!  Check review and others – This lens rocks!

3. Canon 50mm 1.8 Prime Lens   $110

The bokeh is incredible and at this low price, you need it as your second lens

4. Transcend Class 10 SD Cards   $9 – 8gb  or   $17 – 16 gb

You need class 10 fast storage for quick saves and video – Rated very high and a bargain!

5. Zeikos Medium Bag   $8

This is nice and a bargain when you don’t want to haul around the kitchen sink

6. Pick a tripod, (or two):  About $55

A. Sunpak 6600 PG 65″ Pistol Grip Ballhead Tripod $40- This is tall enough and has it all for a great price..Normally $60!
B. Manfrotto compact ballhead 65″ Tripod  $53 – Fits in a backpack – Best compact fullsize tripod for travel
C. Sunpak Pistol Grip Ballhead- $29  Add this to an existing tripod with a removable head – Just squeeze and lock into place

7. Reflector: 43″ 5-in-1 for $18

Bounce the light where you need it to fill in your shadows. Good quality and a great price

8. YN-560 Flash – $70

This gets my Best Deal Award!
90% powerful as $500 bad boys. Has all the features:  Pivot, bounce, rotate, bounce card, diffusers, zoom!

9. Hot shoe Flash Trigger & Receiver  $23

This will allow you to trigger your flash off-camera, even without using the fill flash on your camera

10. Rogue Large Flashbender: $30 with my 25% off code: cesplin2012

Positionable reflector for off-camera flash – Amazing results & beats hauling around a lg umbrella & stand!

11. Rogue Large Diffusion Panel: $15 with my 25% off code: cespline2012

This is vital to soften the light on the Large Flashbender.

12. Westcott 43″ Apollo Orb Speedlite Kit  $150

If you want studio light…skip the cheap, small umbrellas and get this baby – A bargain and versatile for bouncing or diffusion

13. Macro Extension Tubes  $60-65

For only about $60 you can turn any lens into a Macro lens – Beats paying hundreds for a new macro lens!
Click here to check out my blog post for tips to shoot water drops with these Macro Tubes

Buying Tips:

TIP 1:  USE THE AMAZON LINKS ABOVE!   To earn money, prizes and benefits for BYU-I students, please start by using one of the Amazon links above… when ordering anything from Amazon – Thanks!

Before buying any gear, you should get Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping) for six months FREE:
After this expires, you can get Amazon Student Prime, which is half price: $39 for one year. You only need a .edu email address to qualify.

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