Caryn Esplin - Red Truck - White Brand - Nevada City, Montana

I loved the textures and colors in this old cab - Caryn Esplin - Nevada City, Montana

Caryn Esplin - Red Truck in Nevada City, Montana

Don't forget to open an old cab and take shots from inside to find some nice grunge.

Caryn Esplin - Red Truck Cab

Portrait view inside the Red Truck - Caryn Esplin - Nevada City, Montana

I loved shooting the old artifacts in Nevada City, near Virgina City, Montana. Photographing memorabilia from the past, really helps give me a feeling of history and the people who lived in these places. We found this charming truck near the old open-air museum of old buildings. I really hope to meet the owner of this property to see if he was interested in having me photography his collection.  It was a ton of fun to shoot a few of the things stored there, on a brisk, but sunny February day.

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