Saturday we were able to tour the old Girls Reformatory outside St. Anthony. Idaho… thanks to the owner and his sweet daughter, Kelly! This huge, unique and stately old mansion also served as the state juvenile correctional facility and an extension for Idaho State University, among several other things. It is now for sale on a 5-acre piece of ground, along with two other old schools. The three buildings are unique structures and are just the type of historical buildings I love to explore. It these old walls could talk… they would have some awesome stories. Some say it is haunted, but a few families have lived there and only tell stories of helpful ghosts. πŸ™‚ This is where a lot of people performed a lot of good service to those in need. I hope to go back again some time when I have more time to do some light paintings on the more original third floor. I will be posting some photos from our visit there. It was one of our many stops in a Upper Valley (East Idaho) Photo Excursion loop I took my Comm 316 Professional Imaging class on last Saturday.

This is one of my favorite images from the day. I can just feel the layers of history and stories from this old green in the corner of the second floor.Β  Some say this is a haunted house and it felt a little like it. I took three bracketed exposures with a tripod then I merged them together in Photomatix and finished adding some grunge effects in Nik Color Efex Pro.

Girls Reformatory - Green Room - Hanuted House - St. Anthony, Idaho - Caryn Esplin - Juvenile Correctional Facility

The Green Room – Girls Reformatory – St. Anthony, Idaho – Caryn Esplin – Haunted House?

St. Anthony Girls Reformatory - Juvenile Correction Facility - Caryn Esplin - Green Room

Green Rooom with a yellower processing effect- St. Anthony Girls Reformatory

Originals - Green Rooom - St. Anthony Girls Reformatory  - Caryn Esplin

Three original images: +2 0 -2 Green Rooom – Girls Reformatory – Caryn Esplin

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