Light Painting 1/4: Cowboy Gear:  Dave Black Workshop

This is the first of four of the light paintings I did in Dave Black’s workshop at Photoshop World Sept. 6, 2011. It was fun to watch this photo artist and master teacher in action.
Dave is the pioneer of this realistic type of light painting. He has been creating masterpieces for about 15 years. It was inspiring to see someone so gifted in action. It is awesome that he is willing to share and teach so others can be inspired to create in their own way. Dave truly inspired me at the Spring Photoshop World when he introduced his style to those in attendance. I instantly knew this was for me, because I love how artistic it is. You shoot in total darkness and use flashlights as a paintbrush to “paint in” the light and reveal the subject from the dark. I soon realized how difficult it is, but I have practiced all summer to see how much I could improve.

Caryn Esplin - Dave Black Workshop - Cowboy Gear Light Painting

Caryn Esplin Light Painting at Dave Black's Workshop 9-6-11 - Cowboy Gear Light Painting

Light Painting Workshop: Photoshop World – Sept. 2011 in Las Vegas: 
When I noticed that Dave Black was teaching a hands-on Light Painting workshop as a pre-conference session of Photoshop World, I jumped at the chance to see him in action. I was fortunate to get into Dave Black’s pre-conference Light Painting workshop before it sold out. He did not disappoint. He is a master teacher and artist, and all-around nice guy.

Dave set up four scenes for us to paint. Then we turned off all the lights and took turns to see how we could each do with a flashlight to light our own image. This is the first of four images I captured during that workshop in Las Vegas on September 6, 2011. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Dave Black!

Caryn Esplin - Dave Black Light Painting Workshop - Cowboy Gear Setup

Dave Black's Cowboy Gear setup BEFORE we turned out the lights.