Post #2 of 3: Teton Reflections


This post is a continuation of the previous post, where I shot the famous barn in front of the Tetons at night, while doing some light painting with my spotlights. After a little sleep in the back seat of my car, I made my way to one of the prettiest spots on the planet, to capture the sunrise.

Cloudless, Windless Morning:  Grand Teton Reflections – How Exhilarating!
Ah, this was the perfect morning to enjoy the sunrise view and shoot the Grand Tetons. The beaver ponds at Schwabacher Landing make for a still and smooth reflection in the morning light. Here is a blog post of mine, from earlier this summer, with directions and information about shooting the Grand Tetons:  How to photograph the Grand Tetons.  This is a famous spot for photographers and naturalists to hike and enjoy a spectacular sunrise. You need to rise early to catch the orange Alpenglow. (I honestly can’t remember where I first heard this term. I may have made it up years ago, but I thought I heard some photographers use this term in the nineties. However I can’t really find it used online.) Anyway, I use it to refer to the first light of the day, as it peeks from behind the opposite horizon.I posted several shots to show how the color of the light on the peaks varies due to the time they were taken. The earlier shots are more orange in color.

Only a few hours after witnessing the eerie moonrise in almost the same location, I saw the sun make her debut, and it was quite a show. There were only about six of us at this spot to experience it together. People from all over the world. England, St. George, and I’m not sure where else, but I heard some accents and beautiful foreign exclamations of joy. I got some great tips, as usual. This time from a friendly photographer about how to find a stunning red rock formation near Paige, Arizona. It is called Piggyback Hoodoo, or something strange like that. I need to find my notes so I can check it out the next time I am down that way. I love shooting Antelope Canyon in that area too.  Well, if you get the chance to go to Jackson, Wyoming, and surrounding area, don’t miss the breathtaking sunrise at Schwabacher Landing!  Click this link for more details and directions:  Schwabacher Landing.

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