Caryn Esplin - Island Park Sunrise on the Buffalo River

Morning light is soft, pastel and peaceful.

Caryn Esplin - Buffalo River Bridge

Wide angle landscapes give an anchor for later, closer shots, so it is always a good place to start.


Caryn Esplin - Island Park - Buffalo River Bridge

It is fun to see how different a shot is when you turn the camera on the vertical.

Shooting the sunrise on the Buffalo River is well worth losing sleep over. It is so peaceful and serene along this shallow river. You can hear the sounds of Idaho mountain terrain: cranes warbling, birds singing and chipmunks chattering. But the most relaxing sound of all is the bubbling water as it whirls around rocks, trees and grass. I took all these shots on a tripod, with my bracketing setting, so I could capture several exposures. Then I blended the images and tonemapped them in Photomatix.

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