It took us 5 hours to cover 30 miles on Hwy 20 !
First in St. Anthony, we found this amazing artist-mason-extraordinaire working on the restoration of his old inn. Then there was an estate sale along the highway in Ashton that was filled with tons of treasures and junk alike. We came home with some old wooden skiis, two typewriters (1920s and 1940s) for $10 each. We also bought an entire box of all 45 rpm records from the 50s and that was our entertainment for an entire night. We looked them up online to see if they were worth something. We found that the ones with the original jackets would bring about $20. So paying $10 for the whole box was not bad. Then this guy on his awesome bike was headed up to Yellowstone to pan for gold. It is amazing what you can find to photograph along the highway near your home town. Especially if you live near in the Upper Valley of East Idaho.
Hello Photomatix… Move over, Dynamic Photo
I used a combination of Camera Raw and Photomatix to edit these images. I shot them with my new Nikon D7000 and my Nikon 18-200mm lens.