1. Am I a little princess, or what?
2. How is this pose?
3. Thanks, Letia, for loaning us this little doll bed, and the tutu too!
4. All dressed up, just to lie in an ark?
5. This little piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way home.
6. See, I can lift my head at 3 weeks old. Just don’t ask me to hold it very long!
7. Okay, this is my movie star pose.
8. When can I go back to sleep?
9. Thanks for covering me up a bit with this scratchy netting stuff.
10. I think I have mommie’s feet.
11. How is this porcelain look… fast asleep?
12. Hey, did you get it? This is getting hard to hold.
13. I thought we were done already?
14. Seriously, do we need to use such heavy flowers?
15. That’s me at 3 weeks!

We just spent two fun days with my granddaughter, Ruby, and her family. She is changing every day, but has a pretty strong neck for a three-week-old!  Of course, she can only hold her head up for about one second, especially with such big flowers to hold up! HaHa. 🙂 I still say there is nothing better than a newborn. 🙂