Check out these 20 amazing entries in my Portrait Composite Contest, inspired by the amazing Joel Grimes!

You all did a great job!  Thanks for entering! Contestants, don’t forget to follow the instructions now on the previous blog post (scroll down).  Everyone else, check these out, then vote for your favorite!  The voting is now closed, but thank you, everyone for your participation!

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Malorie Aaron: Happy Rancher

A. Malorie Aaron: Happy Rancher

Tyler Clay:

B. Tyler Clay: The Enchanted Book


C. Michael Klapp: They are in the house

Megan Kelly:

D. Megan Kelly: Aggression

Taylor Brady:

E. Taylor Brady: Look

Bridget Heredia: Lost in Moscow

F. Bridget Heredia: Lost in Moscow

Hayley Ward:

G. Hayley Ward: Barber

Jenny VanSistine:

H. Jenny VanSistine:

Clint Urick: Walking in Moscow

I. Clint Urick: Walking in Moscow

Tabrie Landon:

J. Tabrie Landon: Little Londy’s Pink Cadi

Josh Powell:

K. Josh Powell: Raigen

Mariah Wolcott:

L. Mariah Wolcott: Paradise

Clint Urick: Tree Hugger

M. Clint Urick: Girl in the trees

Tabrie Landon:

N.  Tabrie Landon: Free Spirit

Michael Klapp:

O.  Michael Klapp: They are in the woods

Megan Kelly:

P. Megan Kelly: In her element

Malorie Aaron:

Q.  Malorie Aaron: Rosie on the Road

Mariah Wolcott:

R. Mariah Wolcott: Forest Wonderland

Josh Powell:

S. Josh Powell: Bannack Boys

Hayley Ward:

T. Hayley Ward:  Teacher


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