Photo Tip: Smartphone: St. Peter’s Basilica– On-location Vatican City

Enlighten Tour- Caryn Esplin – Europe in 40 days – People, Culture, Landscapes of Europe – Photo Tips

ST. PETER’S BASILICA, ROME: Photo tips for photographing people, culture and landscapes of Europe.  This place is so inspiring. My favorite piece here is the Pieta sculpture by Michelangelo. When I was 11 years old my parents brought me here and they told us it is the only statue Michelangelo signed. He was a new artist and people were attributing this sculpture to someone else. So he brought in his chisel and hammer and added a sash across Mary’s chest with his name on it!

But seriously his work is incredible. He carved his marble statues out of one piece of stone and the detail is perfect. I believe he was inspired of God to create his art to inspire us with more loving feelings about Mary and Jesus, etc. At that time we could walk right up to it and see it close up. I will never forget the feeling I had. When I arrived here after all these years, I remembered it was on the right side as you come in the front door.

So I hurried in that direction and it’s still in the same place! However, now it is all protected behind a large glass wall. That is because a crazy man came in with a hammer and broke off Mary’s nose and her arm the year after we saw it, all those years ago. When I saw it this time…emotion took over and I couldn’t stop crying. It was a wonderful feeling of joy and love for all the pain and sacrifice that Mary and Jesus endured while in this mortal existence. And that’s what good art can do.

PHOTO TIP – POCKET CAMERA: Smart phone cameras are the best option when touring cathedrals and museums with famous art..because you can’t use a tripod or flash in many of them. —

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