Photo Tip: How to keep people out of your travel photos — On-location at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany

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Cologne Cathedral – Photo tips for photographing people, culture and landscapes of Europe.

This cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark with an average of 20,000 visitors a day. This famous monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture survived World War II bombings when everything else in the city was completely flattened. Allied forces chose to avoid hitting this amazing Cathedral. When the Germans leaders taunted them because they couldn’t hit it with their bombs allied planes dropped thousands of bags of flour all over it, to signify they chose to preserve the structure that was built over centuries from 1248-1473… then finally finished it 1880.

PHOTO TIP – TOURIST REMOVAL: There are several ways to “remove tourists” from a location like this. The quickest method is to scan upward above their heads and capture details in the facade. In this case, I waited in between groups of people, then set a longer exposure (5 seconds) with a narrow aperture (f22)…so if someone walks through the scene at a fairly brisk pace, they would disappear from the final exposure.

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