Notice the perfect light and colors in these photo paintings by Eric Curry.

If you want to see something very cool, watch the YouTube videos below and discover how Eric paints his photos with light to create images that look like paintings. First he sets up an interesting scene, like this airstream trailer in the desert. Then he puts his camera on a very stationery tripod, and takes photos all during the day and night so he captures many different lighting conditions. He also takes floodlights and “paints the scene with light” to accent each part of the photo during the night.

This is similar to using an adjustment brush in Camera Raw to change the exposure in one part of a photo, but of course, this takes much longer. Finally he layers all the photos and uses masks to show only the best lighting from each layer. I really like the way he built a campfire before one of his images. You can see the glow from the fire on the trailer. The video below is definitely worth watching. And maybe it will motivate you to try it sometime? You can also check out his website, and see his whole collection of Light Paintings.

Here is a link to American Pride and Passion
Thanks, Jace for introducing me to this amazing technique!

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