This entry from Manny Quintero came in after the deadline for the Portrait HDR Composite, but I love it and thought I would share it with you. Manny is one of my students in Comm 300 Digital Imaging. He went on our photo excursion to Bannack Ghost Town, Montana. My daughter, Zoe, was one of our seven models, and Manny took a great portrait of her on the stairs of the old hotel. So when he placed her in this train station HDR that I shot in the DC subway, it was a great combo!  I love how he added the old trains on the sides, and the clock tower in the middle… to bring the past in with the present. You can see my original HDR of the Foggy Bottom subway platform below.

Nice work, Manny!

Too bad we did not get this one in the contest!  You may have given the others a run for their money. 🙂  Thanks for sending it my way anyway.

In fact…

Does anyone else have more composites they want to send in?

I will still take them now…. but I would need them by Friday morning 10:00am MST.

Upcoming tutorial… I am planning to post a tutorial Sunday or Monday on TIPS FOR SHOOTING FIREWORKS… just in time for the Fourth of July.


Manny Quintero - FoggyBottomTrain - Portrait HDR Composite - Joel Grimes Style - Caryn Esplin

Caryn Esplin - Foggy Bottom Train - Washington D.C. - copyright2012

Original HDR background - Caryn Esplin - Foggy Bottom Train - Washington D.C. - copyright2012

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