Caryn Esplin - Island Park, Idaho - Elk Creek Lodge Winter

We had a blast in Island Park, even though there was so much new snow they couldn’t get our lane plowed out. We hauled everything in on a dog sled behind the snow machines, like we did in the good old days. They got 40″ of snow on Christmas Eve and that about doubled what they previously had, so there was no real base. It was a lot of work for just a few days, but still worth seeing our little bend of the Buffalo River in winter once again. I was a bit sad though, because the light had been flat for three days, so I had no good shots and it was time to leave.

However, on the snowmobile ride out, the sun finally made an appearance for a few stunning scenic shots. Don’t you just love it when your timing is perfect? Just see if you can picture this with me…
“The sun breaks out suddenly with a thousand tiny spotlights that reach out across the landscape to meet with a breathtaking sky and everything is aligned. You just happen to be at a stunning location at the right moment. You thank heaven you have your camera so you can capture this one magnificent moment. ”
Luckily, my oldest daughter, Janel, is getting into photography, and she was with me at the rear of our little caravan. There was no one to tell us we could not stop and shoot. The rest of the family were loading things up in the parking area that was well out of view. We knew they would be a little perturbed when we caught up, bit it would be worth it. 😉 Woo-hoo!

Just click on the landscape shots, if you want to see them larger. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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