Christmas Camera Gear Giveaway!

It only makes sense that the person with the most individual wins of my Weekly Mystery Photo contests would have the best chance to win the overall drawing. After all, A.J. did have his name in the drawing more often than anyone else, right? Thanks to all who entered my weekly mystery contest this past few months! It was a lot of fun to see your ideas and guesses. I hope you had fun too.

Congratulations to A.J. Buruca! You are the proud new owner of a….
Westcott 7-foot Parabolic Umbrella, Stand and bracket… valued at $149

This is an amazing piece of camera gear that can come in handy for so many shooting occasions. It really spreads the light for a larger group and the silver lining creates nice specular highlights. The large 7 foot spread makes it so you can use it to shade the bright sun or as an umbrella for your subjects if it starts to rain and you want to keep shooting.

To place an order, text Caryn at 208.339.3395 or email Dismiss