This is the seventh weekend I have hosted a Mystery Photo contest. This time the winner will be the first and most accurate guess. What were my camera settings, techniques, lighting, time of day and post processing? The winner will get his or her name into my Christmastime camera gear giveaway! Just comment on this blog post and give me your best guess. Thanks for participating!

DANNY MORGAN IS THE WINNER!  You were all very close, but Danny had the most correct answer.  Here are my settings:
F/9  8″  ISO 400. I used a tripod and two continuous 160 LED lights at 7:30p.m. I used one light to “paint in” the areas what needed it. The other light was on a light stand.

Congratulations, Danny! I will put your name in my drawing again. But thanks to all three of you for participating. You becoming experts at learning to guess the settings and that is a very good thing indeed. 🙂


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