Last night I tried a new technique for shooting food with a little more artistic approach. So let’s try this for our Mystery Photo this weekend. Leave a comment on this blog post with your best guess about my 1. Setup – 2. Shooting – and 3. Processing workflow.  In other words, how do you think I lit these Caramel Pretzel Logs, how did I shoot them and what post-production edits did I employ? You won’t need to guess my camera settings… they were ISO 200;  f/6.4;  1/4, on a tripod, of course.

The closest guess will be entered into my Christmastime drawing for camera gear, but everyone who leaves a comment will receive a RECIPE TO MAKE THESE DELICIOUS CARAMEL PRETZEL LOGS (if you subscribe and leave me your email). These little darlings will make a nice holiday treat for your friends, family and neighbors. Making these during the holidays has become a family tradition for us.  So for all those foodies out there, this one is for you! Have a great weekend.


I used a tripod to take three different exposures with Auto-Bracketing.  Then I processed the images in Photomatix to blend the exposures and add tonemapping for an illustrated, artistic appearance.  My lighting was two off-camera LED continuous lights on the sides of a lightbox. (Click here about these amazing lights and lightbox for only about $30 each).


A.J. Buruca was the winner with his guess, so now I will add his name to my drawing for the Christmas gear giveaway coming up in December. Stay tuned next weekend for another chance to get your name in my drawing! If you subscribe to my blog (see link in right corner of this page) then you will get an email when I do a blog post.


Thanks for reading my blog. If you left a comment… Here is a link to my Caramel Pretzel Log Recipe… If you did not make a comment I invite you to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment sometime this week, then you may also enjoy my recipe. 😉 I hope you have fun with it this holiday season… Enjoy!

Food Photography - Caryn Esplin - Homemade Caramel Pretzel Logs

Caryn Esplin - Caramel Pretzel Logs

Three Original Exposures +2 0 -2 were captured, then blended into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image, with tonemapping for illustrative effect.


I used a lighting setup just like this, where I shooting one of my other favorite holiday recipes: Pomegranate Avocado Salsa!

Caramel Pretzel Logs - Red Background - Lightbox -  Caryn Esplin

No HDR or bracketing – Slight Camera Raw adjustments

Caryn Esplin - Caramel Pretzel Logs - Red Background - Lightbox

No HDR or bracketing – Slight Camera Raw adjustments

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