Where was this photo taken?  If you are the first person with an accurate answer to this question, you will be entered into my Christmastime Camera Gear giveaway!

The race is on…

Okay, Rebecca was the first to tell us this photo was taken in St. Anthony. She even gave directions. However, it was Zach who told us this is called the Ru-Inn. What a nice play on words. Kenney is working to renovate this place in a very artistic and ecclectic way, with lots of hidden messages in the masonry, etc. It is a great place to take photos.

Congrats Rebecca and Zach.. I will put your names in my drawing.. and yes, if you already earned a spot there before, I will put your name in multiple times! Good luck!


mystery photo 10 - caryn esplin

Mystery Photo 10 – Caryn Esplin

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