Great Grandma's Pin

My sweet mother lived 90 wonderful years and was a stellar example for all who knew her. She was completely dedicated to her family. She and my father we still very much in love, after 69 years. When she developed large blood clots in late September she told the doctors she just wanted to make it to her 90th birthday, and she did!  After two separate birthday parties in the hospital, she passed on October 14, 2011. We all gathered in Pocatello, Idaho, for a funeral to celebrate her life. I love you, mother. Thanks for loving me and being so good to all of us. You were the world’s best mother, and I hope to live up to your expectations.

 For more photos of Leah’s funeral…click here:

The cover of Leah's Funeral Program


Jones Family -3 (Leah - Deanne - Wesley)

Ron and Violet

Remembering Grandma

Casket Bearers

Final Flowers

My brother, Brad

Josh, Kristy and Brad

Pam remembers Leah


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