My father advised us to visit Muir Woods while in San Francisco, so we took his advice and were not disappointed!  It is a beautiful redwood grove across the golden gate bridge. You can do a 2 mile, 3 mile or 4 mile walk through a pristine forest.


1.Bracketing three exposures: -2; 0; +2

I took three photos at higher ISO (because I did not carry a tripod). One was normal exposure (0); another was overexposed (+2) and the third was underexposed (-2)

2. Photomatix HDR:

Then I blended all three together with Photomatix to get a combined better exposure. This is called HDR (High Dynamic Range) when you take the best exposure area from each image to mimick a superior range of exposure that is more similar to what the human eye can see.

3. Photoshop Edits:

I straightened out the perspective in Photoshop, then I toned down some of the HDR effect I thought was overdone. Finally I sharpened the image a bit.

Muir Woods - California Redwoods - Sunlight rays - Caryn Esplin

Muir Woods - HDR Photomatix & Photoshop - Caryn Esplin

Muir Woods - HDR blend - Caryn Esplin

HDR blend of 3 images

Muir Woods - HDR - Caryn Esplin

-2 exposure

Muir Woods - HDR - Caryn Esplin

0 exposure

Muir Woods - HDR - Caryn Esplin

+2 exposure


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