Call me “Black Kettle”

Leprechaun Stew, anyone?
Amazing artist!  I bought a shell bowl she crafted.
She pounded sea shells with a hammer and inlaid the pieces into an epoxy bowl. She said it would be her last one, due to the stinky epoxy. Ten dollars was a bargain and nice memory of her handiwork.
The Scottish Harmonican speaks with a Scottish brogue and plays a mean dance tune.
Leprechaun and his wife make huckleberry jellies, syrups and weavings to sell.

Come join us next year the first weekend of June, near Ashton, Idaho,  and pick up a jar of huckleberry syrup!
The Real Mountain Men and Women!

We went to visit the Camp Henry Mountain Man Rendezvous this year on June 10, and I came back with these portraits. Black Kettle, in the first sepia photo with his rifle, welcomed us from the parking lot and agreed to give us a private photo session.  My husband drove the van for our group, which included ten photographers from my Digital Imaging classes. We had a fun time and everyone was willing to tell us their story while we photographed them.

I used my 18-200mm Nikon lens on my Nikon D7000 to capture these portraits, but since it was midday light, I processed them in Camera Raw to fine-tune the lighting and colors.  In most cases I added some contrast and sharpening. I ran the fourth image, Scottish Harmonican, through Photomatix, so that is why is has a more animated HDR look.