Caryn Esplin_ Leahs Jewels

My mother's jewelry - a tribute in macro

We visited my mother’s grave on Mother’s Day and I have been thinking about her all week, so I wanted to post something before the week passed. The light at the end of the day in the beautiful Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho, was coming through the trees and so it was perfect for a quick HDR.Β  I also set up some of my mother’s jewelry recently and took some close-up shots with my macro extension tubes. This is a tribute to you, mom! I miss you so much. πŸ™‚

Photography Note:

HDR is High Dynamic Range, which is a process where you take three photos of the same scene: light, medium and dark. Then you blend the three images to get the optimal mix of light, so it closer to what your eye sees.

Caryn Esplin_ Leahs Jewels

My mother's jewelry - a tribute in macro

Caryn Esplin - Jones Headstone Front

My mother's grave on Mother's Day 2012 - 7 months after her death

Caryn Esplin - Jones Headstone Back

The back of my parents' beautiful headstone. I just love that photo of my parents

Caryn Esplin_ Yesterday's Jewels

Some well-used jewelry of my mother's

Caryn Esplin _ Colorful Brooch

They say clothes come and go, but jewelry lives on forever. I think I agree with that. I love wearing and photographing my mother's jewels.

Caryn Esplin - Leah Tribute

Here's to you, mom

Caryn Esplin - Jones Headstone

It was a beautiful close to a wonderful Mother's Day, except we miss you, mom.

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