On our recent trip to the Bay Area, we spent a few days in Monterey. I ventured out early one cloudy morning and found these harbor seals lounging around on the rocks in Monterey Bay. They graciously allowed me to photograph their antics and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching their social interactions. The first group was quietly taking naps, yawning, or floating around some rocks just under the water’s surface. I love how the second one found a rock to stretch out on that resembles a big walrus.

As I wandered into the old town wharf, I found the boisterous party group of seals on a nearby pier. Several were barking commands and then more would argue back and forth for a good position on the crowded dock. Some were fighting in the water, and when a new seal came to board the dock, they were knocked off by the alpha group already there. It really was a fascinating contrast with the peaceful group I found at first. It made me reflect on the people I know and how some prefer less people with peace and quiet, while others love a lively party or good hearty debate.

Which do you prefer?  Peace or Party?


Caryn Esplin - Monterey Bay Seals

Chillin on a shallow rock


Caryn Esplin - Monterey Bay Seal - Walrus Rock Nap

Lounging on the walrus rock - ha!


Caryn Esplin - Monterey Bay Seals Lounging

Group nap, and the boss takes a big yawn



Old Wharf Panoramic - Pelicans on left; Seals on center dock

CarynEsplin - Barking Seal Group - Monterey Bay

Partying, barking group of loud seals - Monterey Bay, CA - Caryn Esplin

Monterey Bay Pelicans - Old Wharf - Caryn Esplin

Monterey Bay Pelicans - Old Wharf - Caryn Esplin

Caryn Esplin - Monterey Bay Pano

Monterey Bay Panoramic

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