Caryn Esplin - Ice Colosseum

Isn’t it great when you can get a good shoot on your very own street?
Okay, all you fans of winter, this is the place for you! We are just starting to see the snow banks recede along our street on the hill. Even though I have had enough of winter here in the “burg” I have to admit the melting ice formations make for some interesting pics. I love taking macro abstract shots, which is a close-up photo of anything that resembles what it is not.

In fact, I find it down right exciting to twist myself into strange positions to get a bizarre angle of something very close. In fact, now that I think about it, this sums up the first three of my top ten photography tips:
1. Get Close, 2. Find the Light, 3. Change the Angle.

I like a macro shot when you can hardly tell what it is. Or better still, it gets really good if a shot makes you start hallucinating about those ink blots they show you during an IQ test. Or how about laying on your back in the summertime (not that we would know about that season here) and watching the lazy clouds go by, seeing what animals are in the sky. Isn’t that a Primary song, or something? (major deja’ vu)

Well, anyway, I thought I would get out and enjoy the last of the melting ice formations before Spring officially arrives on Saturday. We’ve had a warm wind lately and it melts the snow into lacy, delicate ice formations. Then the road grime splashes up as cars drive by, which creates a party of contrast and color. Blue sky, orange sunset, white snow, and black grime all getting together to enjoy their oppositeness.

In fact, I wore my white snowflake pin to church one last time Sunday, to give a final “celebratory push” to winter. I was hoping it would be a good omen and usher in the well-earned warm weather. I think it is working. I won’t be getting any more snow shots here in another day or two. It got to 52+ degrees today! Woo-hoo 🙂

I hope you enjoy these beautiful Spring macro abstract shots from the one and only Rexburg, Idaho. Let me know your favorite, or maybe rank them in order of your preference. Zoe and I are betting on the winner.

Which is your favorite?
(You may click the pics to enlarge them)