Ice Cream Cake – Light Version – Click here for print pdf version
Serves 12-16

Make your very own ice cream cake instead of ordering one from Cold Stone. I made this a few days ago for Zoe’s 11th birthday, on April 7. Everyone raved about how great it tasted… Little did they know it was the LIGHT VERSION – Yes this low fat, low sugar recipe will delight your tastebuds! Woo-hoo 🙂


1 Light Confetti Cake Mix
Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Ice Cream (No Sugar Added & Low Fat)

8 oz. Fat Free Cream Cheese
Powdered Sugar (May use 1/2 Splenda, 1/2 Powdered Sugar)
3 T. Butter
1/4 tsp. Lemon Extract
1/4 tsp. Almond Extract
Food Coloring, as desired

CAKE DECOR of your choice…
Shown here: Mini Malted Easter Eggs, and Sprinkles, Candles, Easter Grass

1. Bake the cake in a Baker’s Secret Tiara Dessert pan. I found one at Walmart a few years ago. It has a nice indented hollow space for fillings and works well for an ice cream cake. It also has a pretty fluted edge, which is fun to leave unfrosted and show off. Since I only have one of these pans, I baked half the batter first, then put it on a cooling rack, and baked the other half. Oh, and be sure you spray the pan and flour it lightly to make it easier to remove the cake. I baked it according to the time and temperature for a round cake.
2. Place the two Tiara cakes in the freezer and freeze for at least 1-2 hours, at as long as you can.
3. Soften the ice cream and mix in any goodies you want, just like they do at Cold Stone. We just went with the Blue Bunny Double Strawberry. Any Super Walmart carries several flavors that are Low Fat or Fat Free, and No Sugar Added. This is creamy, sweet ice cream that is very low in calories.
4. Spread the ice cream inside the hollow part of each cake, so the widest part of both cakes are on the top and bottom. Make sure you spread some of the ice cream out the edges so you will see it inbetween the cake layers. Sandwich the two halves together.
5. Freeze again until firm.
6. Soften the cream cheese and butter in the microwave, but don’t melt it. Use a Kitchen Aid, or powerful mixer with a stout paddle beater, to whip the cream cheese and butter with the powdered sugar, flavorings, and food coloring until smooth. Whip it — Whip it good 🙂 You want it thick, so I try to avoid adding any milk.
7. Place the cake on a large platter, then spread thick masses of the frosting only on the top of the frozen cake. Let it droop over the edges, but don’t frost the sides. You will have leftover frosting, so use enough to make a big smooth mushroom-like cap on top.
8. Add the colored sprinkles and malted eggs on the frosting. You can wait and add any candles later. Cover with plastic wrap and freese until ready to eat.

Remove a few minutes before serving and slice into nice, thick pieces… then ENJOY!