What is not to love about the new Nikon D3200 for only $699?

This is a huge technical improvement for an entry-level Nikon. Canon is going to have to scramble to find an answer for this Nikon announcement. First of all, you can get it in RED. That could be “enough said”… but I will go on, because we do like our good deals on great gear. Though the fashion statement is something to be considered here. Just imagine this with a red and black fabric strap around your neck. This color option thing is a first for Nikon and I LOVE IT!

You can pre-order it now on Amazon here:  Nikon D3200 for $699

Red Nikon D3200 - 24mp for $699!

Now…for the BEST DETAILS:
1. A new 24 mp sensor for high-quality crisp images – at 4 fps
2. New LCD Screen with 4x the pixels for higher quality previewing and more in-camera editing features!
3. Wi-Fi capabilities – What?  This allows phone connectivity and opens the door for more new file transfer features!
4. ISO Range up to 6400 – that is ridiculous for an entry level
5. Amazing Video at 1080p at 30 frames a second or 720p at 60 frames a second in H.264 .mov format
6. External Mic input – Finally available on an entry level!
7. Dedicated movie record button and Capable of recording movies for 20 minutes!
8. All for $699 with the 18-55 lens
9. It comes in RED
10. Did I mention you can be the first of your friends to have a RED NIKON?

Here is a nice review from: theverge.com

MORE THOUGHTS:  I recommend you buy the body only (or just sell the 18-55 kit lens on eBay) and get the with the Nikon 18-200 lens for sure. Well worth the price and flexibility so you don’t have to change lenses all the time. But if you can’t afford that $900 lens, then save up for the new Nikon 1.8G 85mm lens for portraits and incredible bokeh for $499 and you will be set, until you can afford the 18-200 lens, or upgrade to the Nikon D800 when you go PRO.

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