Caryn Esplin - Old Trike Light Painting

A little lingering color in the sky during "blue hour" gave a nice contrast to this old tricycle.

Caryn Esplin - Allis Chalmers Tractor - Light Painting

I always love finding an old Allis Chalmers in the tall grass, then it comes alive with some light painting.

Caryn Esplin - Roofless Barn - Light Painting

This barn is in fairly good shape, except for the missing roof! Great sunset color at the prime time during "Blue Hour" then I painted some light on the barn and trike to reveal them from the dark.

Light Painting last night…
Finding some good old farm stuff makes for a fun night of light painting. Of course, I had permission to reveal these memories of the past from the darkness on a beautiful, clear evening. This was a blast! These are each single shots. The exposures vary from about 10 – 20 seconds each. Sometimes I like to blend different layers to come up with a composite light painting, but with these images, I tried to do all my “painting” on one image. I then brought them into Camera Raw for some adjustments. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I did creating them. I took two of my TAs along and I look forward to seeing how they do their post production!