Caryn Esplin LightPainting Wagon and Barn

About 30 minutes after sunset, I set up my tripod and used a spotlight to paint light on this old wagon and collapsed barn.

Caryn Esplin Light Painting Old Skis
I bought these old skis at an estate sale, then I light painted against an old barn at night.
Caryn Esplin Light Painting Old Wagon Wheel

This is one of my favorite light paintings. I simply used a flashlight to paint the underside of an old wagon.

Light Painting old stuff outside!
For this post, I combined two of my favorite things: Photographing old things and Light Painting. I set my camera on a tripod and set the self-timer for about a 20-30 second exposure. Then I run into position and use flashlights or spotlights to “paint in the light” where I want to show detail. This take a lot of practice and many tries to get the desired effects. The key is to remember not to light the entire area. You want to have contrast for more interest. Stay tuned for the next post on Thursday… I will be showing some indoor light paintings I did in my living room, of some simple decor items just sitting around.