Photo Tip: How to Light Paint a Scooter – On-location in Tuscany, Italy

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LIGHT PAINTING IN TUSCANY! Photo tips for photographing people, culture and landscapes of Europe. I love finding old textures and setting up a scene like this. And Italy has so many great light paintings just waiting to happen!

CLICK HERE for my more detailed Light Painting tutorial here

So when I saw this old blue Vespa at the B&B we stayed at…I asked the owner if I could arrange it by a stucco wall and move some flower pots to the scene. Of course I had to use Google translate because he did not know much English. When I showed him some example photos in my photobook he understood what I was going for! He was so excited when he saw the final result!

PHOTO TIP: OFF-CAMERA LIGHTING – Try off-camera lighting angles with a flashlight for more interesting shadows! Start off with a completely dark exposure by using ISO 100; F16. Use a tripod and a 30-second exposure while you use a halogen flashlight to paint light on your subject. Be sure to leave some shadows so it doesn’t look like you hit it with a flash or headlights! —

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