Caryn Esplin Light Painting DriedFlowers

Caryn Esplin: Light Painting of dried flower arrangement. f/11 30 seconds ISO 100

Caryn Esplin Light Painting Colored Glass Vases

Caryn Esplin: Light Painting of colorful glass vases. f/11 30 seconds ISO 320

Caryn Esplin Light Painting - Vase of White Flowers

Caryn Esplin: Light Painting of a white floral arrangement. f/10 30 seconds ISO 100

Light Painting Indoor Decor

The next time you’re bored, take a look at your home decor and try light painting some ordinary things in your home. Of course, you will need to wait until dark, then turn off all the lights. You also may want to set up your item against a plain background, or pull it away from the wall, and be careful not to light up the back. Just set your camera on a tripod and try a 30 second exposure with the self timer, to avoid any camera shake when you press the shutter. Then grab a flashlight and use a painting motion to feather in the light in desired areas. This is fun stuff and really makes a more creative photograph, don’t you think?

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