Shooting the perfectly still ballerina

This seasoned athlete and dancer was a rock when it came to holding still. As Dave Black teaches in his classes, it pays to hire athletes and professionals who know how to concentrate and control their bodies. I took three shots of her in total darkness and she was perfectly still in all three, while I used a flashlight to paint the light on her face and body. Ron’s tilt-shift lens helped me get the nice blur on her body without any post production work. Light painting is not only my new passion, it is somewhat of an addiction. I love the creative and artistic aspects of this technique. Once again, this was a wonderful workshop from Dave Black and I loved the opportunity to work with live models.

Thanks again, Dave Black… when are you coming to BYU-Idaho?

The 20 students I brought to Photoshop World are telling everyone about you!  The next time you go to Jackson Hole to shoot the Tetons, give me a call (or email) and let’s make a plan. Rexburg, Idaho, is close to Jackson Wyoming. Thanks for your inspiring work and for being such an all-around nice guy. In addition to your light painting classes, I loved the way you taught your Speedlighting class. I noticed you are also teaching on the Nikon training video for the D7000. Great camera at a great price… affordable for me and my students. Seriously you are a master teacher and so inspiring.

Caryn Esplin - Light Painting the Ballerina

I took this with a tilt-shift lens that created the blur in-camera. Saves on post-production.

Caryn Esplin - Dave Black setup - The Ballerina

This shows the setup before we turned out the lights.

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