Dave Black Workshop

Well I have done a lot of light painting this year, but not too much with live models, so I loved this opportunity to work people who knew how to hold very still. In fact, this cowboy, and my next post – The Ballerina, are my first experiences doing a light painting portrait of professional models. I was amazed how still they were able to hold. Remember this shot was done in total darkness. With a 30-second exposure, I revealed the subject with a flashlight. I added some black canvas space to the right to emphasis the rule of thirds and improve the composition a bit. Once again, a great workshop, thanks to Dave Black!

Caryn Esplin - The Cowboy - Light Painting

Caryn Esplin Light Painting of The Cowboy at Dave Black's Workshop - Sept. 6, 2011

Dave Black Light Painting Workshop - Cowboy Model

Dave Black sets up the scene before we turned out the lights.

Once Dave set up the scene, we each took turns using the flashlight to “paint the light” during a 30-second exposure. We each got three tries to make our own light painting. I made a few camera raw adjustments, and as I mentioned before, I added canvas size to the right of the cowboy to improve the composition a bit.

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