Caryn Esplin - Lake Powell Cathedral

1. Lake Powell Cathedral - Caryn Esplin 2011

Caryn Esplin - Raptor Rock Stack in Hansen Canyon

2. Raptor Rock: One warm evening, as we were all swimming, we looked up and saw the dinosaur/lizard head. Then Amber came up with Raptor Rock, so there you have it. Okay, in this view you can see the raptor (dinosaur, lizard) head on the right side of the rock stack. Notice the little hole is his eye, and then you see his large mouth open. Can you see it? You can get to this nice formation in Hansen Canyon, about half way back on the right side. It is in a little cove of its own.

Caryn Esplin - Lake Powell Red Rock Canyon

CarynEsplin Raptor Rock Kayaks

Caryn Esplin - Lake Powell Canyon

5. I took this shot as we were boating, high speed, through Forgotten Canyon. I just pointed up and snapped it.

These shots are the exception to several rules. First I did not shoot these at dawn and dusk, which is usually best.  I also did not shoot these on a tripod. Numbers 1, 3, and 5 were handheld, standing in a boat at high speed. So, I lucked out, because some of my clearest, sharpest shots of the Lake Powell canyons and skies were in broad sunlight in the middle of the day, without a tripod. The dark walls were lit nicely and it just worked. Go figure!

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