Caryn Esplin - Island Park HDR

This is my favorite image of a place I love.


TRIPLE THREAT:  1. Photomatix  2. Dynamic Photo  3. Photoshop

With my Nikon D7000 on a tripod, I captured three different exposures with my Bracket setting. I could see how the sunburst came through the trees, so I was anxious to try HDR on this trio of shots. I tried merging them in Photomatix, then in Dynamic Photo. I liked them both for different reasons. Dynamic Photo did a better job with the sky. Photomatix made the sky muddy and the trees an unnatural color. However the water and grass were best in Photomatix. So I brought both versions into PaPa Photoshop and blended the best parts of each HDR image to get this final result.

This is a secluded spot on the Buffalo River in Island Park, Idaho where my parents have a cabin. I have many fond memories playing here in the river, finding frogs and minnows with my brothers. We built a three-store tree house on the island across from here. Our many adventures remind me a bit of the movie: Bridge to Terabithia, consequently it is one of my favorite family flicks.

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