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It is a real treat for me to stop at this old Dubois warehouse, on the way to Bannack ghost town, with my Digital Imaging students. We went on a photo excursion May 21, so I will be posting my favorites from that day for the next few posts. I used Camera Raw on a jpeg to add contrast and make the colors pop a bit. I am loving Camera Raw these days!

Need a great new portrait/close lens?
My trusty Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 Lens did most of the work by blurring the background in these pics. I love that lens. The price is about $340ish and worth every penny. I would consider getting the $100 cousin though: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens because it takes awesome shots too and less moolah, and you will not be quite so close to your subjects, which is better in tight locations. The casing is plastic, so don’t bang it around, but the glass is a crisp piece of work that will make it easy to get great “bokeh” (shallow depth, or background blur) for only one Ben Franklin. Here is an Amazon link to one for $99 : Buy the Canon 50mm on Amazon. (Click on “22 new” under “In Stock” and you will find that Adorama (5 star store) sells it for $99 and free shipping.)

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More photos from Dubois & Bannack tomorrow…portraits of students included.
BTW, you pronounce Dubois with the soft “s” at the end: “Dooboyce” is correct. (Not a “z” sound, and absolutely not the French version “Dubwah”) HaHa. We used to have a news anchor on Channel 8, (not from Idaho) who pronounced it “Dubwah” and we all LOL every time! In Idaho, you just say it like it sounds, friends. 🙂

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