Well, I just spent four fun days babysitting our grandsons in Boise! Thank heavens Zoe went along with me to entertain them and help out, so I could sneak in a few hours of work. A new semester starts tomorrow and I am revising the Custom Images course, so it has been a busy week. We went to Max’s (5) soccer game. He got a goal and they won the game too. I guess this makes me a soccer granna, however I did not take my iTouch and listen to my tunes from the sidelines. We had fun feeding Will (4 months) full of milk, as you can see from his happy face! He looks like the Campbell’s Soup baby. I love his little giggles and kisses. Wes (3) said his usual funny comments and kept us all laughing. We went out to eat at a buffet (don’t ask why…it was quick and everyone gets what they want) and Wes kept asking for more green beans, but Max was all about the ice cream sundaes. Anyway, we had a blast and Zoe announced she thinks we should go babysit for three days every week. Oh yeah, maybe once a month. 😉