Caryn Esplin - Light Painting - Grandpas Ghost Truck

I tonemapped this version to pop the colors. I also tweaked the light in Camera Raw with adjustment brushes.

Here are many of the images I used to create this light painting photo montage

Caryn Esplin - Light Painting - Grandpa's Truck
No tonemapping- I used Camera Raw on the final merged light painting to change up the colors and light.

What do you think?

Blending 16 images into one merged light painting
I took dozens of photos, at about ten seconds long each, while painting the light in with LED flashlights. Then I chose the best 16 and layered them in Photoshop. It is vital to keep a steady tripod so the images stay aligned. Then I masked different parts of each image to make the composite. The moon came up during this shoot, which provides a nice night light for these two guys out checking grandpa’s old ghost truck.

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