This is one of my favorite shots from my December trip to Quartzsite. I found this old typewriter sitting on a makeshift table inside one of the old cabins at the abandoned Gold Eye gold mine. The contrast of the rust, old black paint and white keys made for an interesting combination. I tried to imagine what an old goldminer would need to type, but I suppose he would need to take care of business and mail letters just as anyone else. The owner of this cabin had some money because someone in the family erected a nice, graite headstone with an image of him in his favorite goldminer’s helmet with a light….undoubtedly used to show the way into the many mine shafts around his cabin. Fortunately, people have left his old stuff in tact, for all of us to enjoy. I hope these artifacts are still in place when I return to the Gold Eye Gold Mine, in the backhills near Quartzsite.

Caryn Esplin - Goldminer's Typewriter - Eagle Eye Mine - Quartzsite, Arizona

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