WINNER:  Danny Morgan – for a very accurate guess!


1. I positioned the fruit on a granite countertop, which was surprisingly reflective, even like a mirror.
2. I put my camera on a tripod with these settings: 20″  f/8  ISO 200.
3. I used manual focus to ensure the strawberry was tack sharp.
4. I turned off the lights and started the self-timer to start the exposure.
5. I used an narrow beam LED light to “paint” light on the strawberry and some of the lime, for about 6″ (six seconds), then I turned off my light.
6. I twisted the manual focus ring so it was set to infinity focus.
7. I used the light to “paint” light on the lemon, peach, and blueberry while they were out of focus, for about six seconds, being cautious to not light the strawberry.

Absolutely no editing!

That is what I love about light painting. It rarely needs editing and often looks better than reality because you reveal the subject from darkness by painting it with light, glorious light 🙂


On Friday, while on our second class photo excursion this weekend with the new Comm 316 Professional Imaging class, I took this photo just before going to sleep.


I will give away a new piece of camera gear (YN-460 Flash, Sunpak Pistol Grip tripod, or equivalent) at Christmastime. Each time you win one of these weekly guesses, I enter your name into the drawing. So your chances to win will increase the more often you guess. Right now, five people have their name in the drawing once each:  Rebecca Johnston, Blake Jackson, Julie Peterson and Chelsea Beckstead.


Now, can you guess my process for getting this effect, my lighting, and my post production process?  Give as many details as you can. Add your comment on this blog post. Just click the “__comments” link above this post. I will reveal the answer and winner tonight, Monday, October 15, after 10:00 p.m. MST Click the image to make it larger. Have fun with this and thanks for participating!

Here are few more of my exposures while I was experimenting…
Light Painting Fruit - Manual blur control in camera with focus ring -  Caryn Esplin

Light Painting Fruit - No Blur - Caryn Esplin

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