Where did I take this HDR photo? Leave a comment here with your best guess and the first to get it right will be entered to win a new piece of camera gear at Christmastime. To make it fair and engaging, I have decided to put your name in a drawing each time you have the closest guess on one of my Friday Mystery Photos. So far, Rebecca Johnston, Blake Jackson, and Julie Peterson each have their name in once. The more often you win a guess, the higher chance you have of getting your name drawn for a new pistol grip tripod, YN 560 flash, or an equivalent item. However you can still get lucky if you just get your name entered in the drawing one time!

Monday morning, I will post the answer and some more photos of the area where this old train is from. The clue for this week is that I took this photo this summer, so if you have been following my blog at all, that should help you get closer… or you could scroll back through my summer blog posts. Good luck!

Caryn Esplin - Mystery Photo 3

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