Amazing Portable Lighting Kit

Rogue FlashBender Large Positionable Reflector & Large Diffusion Panel
Combined Value is $59.90

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Rogue Large FlashBender

Adaptable  •  Attaches Quickly  •  Durable  •  Packs Flat  •  Positionable Reflector •  Softens Light
To meet the changing needs of location photographers, the Rogue FlashBender Large Reflector can be shaped into a variety of positions, including reflector, flag, or snoot.

The Large Reflector is perfect for off-camera use. The patented design incorporates 3 positionable rods that allow the Large Reflector to be molded into position and held in place. Rogue FlashBenders are designed to work with nearly all makes and models of camera flash. Rogue FlashBenders attach to your flash using the integrated adjustable tension strap, and therefore DO NOT require any adhesives, or separate attachment straps.

When you add the innovative Diffusion Panel (shown below), you get a portable softbox that produces a beautiful even light… and it all packs flat in your backpack or briefcase!
Size – approximately 10” x 11”   //  Weighs only 7.5oz

With this portable lighting kit, you won’t have to haul around those large, heavy lighting kits. And no more accidents when the wind catches your large umbrella or softbox and sends your flash crashing down. You can get an adapter to attach this to your tripod. Just get an extra quick-release plate for your flash. Then you can even leave your lightstand at home.

This is the ultimate portable reflector and softbox for on-location photography and traveling




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