Caryn Esplin - Fancy NailsDoesn’t someone this fancy… need fancy nails?
Click the image to enlarge it… then look at the design on her nails 🙂

Well I thought it was time to focus on portraits for a change. I hauled my heavy Nikon D7000 all around Photoshop World just so I could shoot these amazing models at the Westcott Expo booth while at Photoshop World in Las Vegas, Sept 5-10, 2011. I will be posting a series of the images I entered in the Westcott Shootout Contest on flickr. (You should see some of the amazing entries.) This model was a doll baby and consequently required little editing in post production (just a little sharpening and skin smoothing). Especially with the awesome continuous lighting from Westcott. However I thought she needed some fancy nails to match her fancy face painting, so I added some nail paint and a few nail designs with my paintbrush in Photoshop. Just click the image to see her nails larger. Also, check out her nails in the unedited image, below.

Caryn Esplin - Fancy Nails Portrait

Edited Photo by Caryn Esplin with Westcott products - PSW Vegas 2011

I must say I do love a good model who can pull off such great expressions without any coaching. I also love my Nikon D7000 with the sweet 18-200mm lens. What a great, versatile combination. Without any editing, I kind of like the way this shot turned out. However the finishing touches in Camera Raw and Photoshop add the polish the portrait needs. Who doesn’t want to look their very best?  Even someone this gorgeous needs a little touch up, right?

Caryn Esplin - Fancy Nails Original Unedited Image

Unedited Photo by Caryn Esplin using Westcott products - PSW Vegas 2011