What do you think of HDR?

Notice the difference between the originals and the edited images, above. I used High Dynamic Range – HDR to bring out the best exposure in each area of the image, then I added Levels, as needed in Photoshop. After a nice swim at Heise Hot Springs yesterday, we took a beautiful drive up the South Fork of the Snake River. So on this first day of Spring, I celebrate the changing of the seasons in Idaho with these images. For the panoramic, I shot six overlapping images and merged them together in Photoshop. I did not have my Canon SLR with me, so I took these shots with my Canon Powershot 710IS. I love that little camera. It is a point-and-shoot, but has manual settings, so it is a sweet, but power-packed camera that always comes in handy, because it is easy to have along for the ride.

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