Fireworks + Lake = Amazing Photo Op! 

I had a blast shooting fireworks this year because,  for the first time, I found a display over the water. On July 4, the Island Park Lake Lodge had an awesome display of colorful bursts over the Island Park Reservoir. I love how the light trails look all squiggly in the water. Very cool.

The trick is to find a spot to shoot from where you can get the reflections to show up. Of course, you cannot be too close to the source. I was able to set up my tripod on a dock, so I could be out over the water a bit. Luckily the water was smooth so I did not get too much camera shake. I used the Bulb setting, so I could fire my remote to open and close the shutter. I also increased the sats inside my camera menu under Picture Control. This is a nice way to reduce or eliminate your post production editing. I love how every image is totally unique. There are never two fireworks photos that look just alike. It was a beautiful Fourth of July week in Idaho.

I hope you were able to take some fireworks shots? If so, please comment here and share a link with us!



CarynEsplin-LakeLodgeFireworks - Island Park Reservoir, Idaho

Caryn Esplin - FireworksTrio - Island Park Reservoir, Idaho

Caryn Esplin - Fireworks Bouquet - Island Park Reservoir, Idaho

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