Here is an extra credit opportunity for my students whom I contacted. I really want to see you master the use of a portable speedlighting setup (flashbender) because I know that will really benefit you in the future. You need something affordable and portable. That is much more realistic than learning and using the studio lights that you can’t afford when you graduate. So if you can mimic this lighting on a good head shot before the deadline I will give you up to 5 points of extra credit.

1. Use one or two speedlights with flashbenders to shape the light.  Feel free to add colored gels on the background, if desired.  The light and angle needs to be broad side… SPLIT LIGHTING PATTERN (like the example, below.)  The background also needs to have subtle lighting like the example too.

2. You need to do this completely alone, and use a model who does not understand lighting, etc. The more you practice this alone, the more confidence you will gain when using speedlights while working with clients.

3. Watch the videos below to learn the techniques.

4. Include the following in a BLOG POST:
A. FINAL IMAGE with correct lighting, similar to the example below (only minor edits)
B. ORIGINAL IMAGE, without any edits.
C. SETUP PHONE PIC showing your setup: lights, camera, model, etc.
D. WRITTEN PROCESS:  List your camera settings, edits, and write about your lighting patterns and setup. Also write about what you learned from the following two videos and link to the videos.

5. EMAIL A LINK to your blog post before the deadline to your instructor.

1. Watch this video to learn the necessary techniques. Frank calls a speedlight a “strobe” and he shows you how to use a flashbender to shape the lights. This is awesome! …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqRC_3rLux0

2. Watch this video and reserve two XL flashbenders and a red gel. I still want you to IMITATE the lighing on the Troye Sivan photo, but these videos give you the secrets to using the flashbenders. Frank rocks the flashbender… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jn_A_Qgj5w


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