Overview: Enlighten Tour of Europe in 40 days

Join me in a series of blog posts as I highlight the charming people, rich cultures, and stunning landscapes of Europe! At age 11 I had the opportunity to travel with my family in a Volkswagen van through 13 countries in Europe. Memories of the thatched roofs, flaky pastries, lazy windmills, pastel Vespas and fairy-tale castles stayed with me through the years. So it was a dream-come-true to return for my Enlighten tour and use visual imagery to share the stories of the people, cultures and landscapes of Europe.

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I am so grateful to BYU–Idaho for sponsoring this Enlighten project to conduct research, develop new materials and skills for the visual communication students I teach and love. I want to thank my creative director, Alex Brown, who assisted me with videos, content management and this final website that displays some of my favorite images, YouTube video interviews, and Instagram photo tips from my Enlighten project. We will continue adding content and would love to hear your feedback so feel free to connect with me through email, Facebook or my website. Click here for my contact information.

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